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Our Leadership

BCF is led by a team of pastors, also called elders, three of whom are full time. These men share the responsibility of teaching, caring for, and leading the church.
Pastor/Elder Ralph Amateis and wife Patricia
Ralph and Patricia have been members of BCF since 2014 and Ralph has been serving as an elder since 2021. They have three grown children and one grandson. Now retired, Ralph worked in the Department of Forestry for 40 years and Patricia in the Department of Chemistry for almost that long. They share a heart for students and work with the BCF College class. Ralph also serves as a volunteer for the Virginia Department of Corrections and the New River Valley Juvenile Detention Home.
Pastor/Elder Jim Krouscas and wife Jill

Jim has been serving as a full-time pastor/elder at BCF since 2013. He previously worked as an assistant professor at Virginia Tech before moving to Dallas in 2009 to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife Jill have three children. Jim enjoys teaching the Bible, playing basketball, and when time permits, traveling with his family.

Pastor/Elder Chris and wife Julie Faith

Chris and Julie have served in connection with BCF since 1981. Chris became a full-time elder in 2006, after the Faith family served in church planting in Spain for over 16 years. He received his M.Div. from Columbia International University and a Master’s in biblical counseling under Dr. Larry Crabb at Colorado Christian University. Julie met Christ through the ministry of Young Life in high school, while Chris became a follower of Jesus through the influence of the Navigator’s ministry in college. Chris loves teaching the Scriptures, doing hospitality with Julie, mentoring men, music, reading and sports. They have three grown children and six delightful grandchildren.

Pastor/Elder Dan Mock and wife Jenny

Dan has been serving as an elder at BCF since 2008. He came to Christ while a student at Virginia Tech and has retired from a career in accounting. He and Jenny have been married for 30 years, have five grown children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren. Dan’s focus in ministry is music and financial coaching.

Pastor/Elder Jeff Highfield and wife Lisa

Jeff has served as a full-time elder at BCF since 2018 and has attended BCF since 2006. He previously worked with the campus ministry Cru for 20 years and is passionate about seeing college students come to know and follow Jesus. He and his wife Lisa have five children and love spending time together as a family. Jeff enjoys teaching the Bible, having discussions about theology and culture, and a great cup of coffee.

Pastor/Elder Jay Sullivan and wife Debbie

Jay has been a follower of Jesus since he was 12 years old. He became an elder at BCF in 1996, and currently he is part of the college class leadership team. He and Debbie have been married for 35 years, and have five children and one grandchild. Jay teaches forestry at Virginia Tech.

Pastor/Elder Joe Kelley and wife Wendy

Joe and Wendy met in a BCF house group when they were students at Virginia Tech. (One of the many great reasons to be part of the BCF house group!) Joe became an Elder in 1993 and they are both are part of the high school ministry leadership team. Wendy and Joe began attending BCF in the late 1970s and have seen many changes in 40 years; such as moving from rented facilities BCF occupied for the first 20 years into the current building. When Joe does preach, you may hear stories of his younger days of growing up on a dairy farm in nearby Wythe County. Joe currently works in the Computing Center at Virginia Tech.

Pastor/Elder Ward Stevens and wife Paula

Ward and his wife Paula have attended BCF for about 10 years where Ward has served as an elder for about five years. Ward is involved with the Missions Committee and sometimes teaches Sunday School. Ward and Paula have been married for over 28 years and have grown twin daughters. He is employed by the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine where he helps develop and support medical residency programs. Ward loves the outdoors and spending time with his wife and two mixed-breed poodles.