ELECTIVES (Spring 2019)

First Hour Adult Classes – 9:45 am

Understanding the Bible Begins 1/6
Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Mike Buehrer & Sandy Young
This 8-week introductory class will discuss what we believe about the Bible (and why), how it came about (which books were included), and what principles we use to study, understand, and apply it to our lives.

College Class  Begins TBA             
Room 223
Leaders: Everetts, Davises & Sullivans
If you are in college, come join us as we wrestle through Ecclesiastes and Mark. Whether you have been a student of the Bible for years or you have never heard of the Bible, join us for honest discussions about Christianity and how to apply the Bible to daily living.  Free coffee and donuts!

Women’s Study                                  
Room 142
Leaders: Ruth Derrick, Teresa Ko, Ali Wieboldt 

This class will be studying the epistles — 1, 2, 3 John.

Begins 1/13
Room 222
Leaders: Dodson, Broomell, Graf
This Old Testament book study examines numerous puzzling aspects of life on this side of eternity, which the writer refers to as “life under the sun.” The author, called “the Preacher,” describes much of life under the sun as “hevel.”  Join the class on January 13 to learn what the Preacher means by hevel and how God, and his people, deal with it.

Parenting  Begins 1/13
Room 201
Leaders: Jeff Highfield, Bill Shelton, Andrew Koser
We will be digging into God’s word to glean principles for parenting that will help us shepherd our children. Topics included  will be God’s Plan for the Family, Behavior, Discipline, Gender, and Technology. The class will include teaching and small group discussion and will last 8 weeks.

Spanish Bible Study
Room 200
Leader: Alan Fabrycky
Bible study conducted in Spanish.

Discipleship Explored
Begins 1/13
Room 141
Leaders: Ralph Amateis and Ward Stevens
Discover the greatest love you’ve ever known! Based on the letter of Paul to the Philippians, this 8-week class introduces questioners, seekers, and new believers to what it means to love and follow Jesus. Each week begins with a 15-minute video followed by question, answer and table discussion.

International Christian Fellowship (ICF)
Room 160
Jay Lester
Our study, “Being a Christian in the Modern World,” is based on 1 Corinthians. First-century Corinth was a melting pot of different religions and moral standards, with many values similar to our world today. This study is suitable for both believers and seekers/inquirers, and involves lecture and  group discussions.


Second Hour Adult Classes – 11:15 am


Judges, Ruth
Room 202
Teachers: Dean Bork, Chris Faith & others
Sadly, many believers seem to live in cycles wavering between faith and following, with doubt and wandering. If that’s been a part of your spiritual journey, you are not alone. Join us as we walk through Judges to gain insight and perspective of the results and reasons for those cycles, then in Ruth to see a beautiful alternative and the blessings that flow from faith.

 Pre-Marriage Class
Begins 1/27
Room 221
[Meets at 11:00 am on Sundays] Facilitators: Schneckers, Hairfields, McCarthys
This 12-week course is designed for couples who are engaged or who are dating seriously with the intention of future commitment. It is open to both BCF attenders and friends who might enjoy and benefit from the sessions. There is a small fee for the materials. For more information or to register for the class, please contact Linda Schnecker at lin.schnecker@gmail.com

Visitor’s Welcome — Offered the first Sunday of each month
LeaderOne of our elders   
Room 102
A welcome and introduction to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship – our beliefs, our vision, and our ministries. Informal Q&A format.

Blacksburg Chinese Church
Leaders: Caisy Ho, Peter Lo, & Johnny Yu
This is a Worship & Preaching Service in Chinese.  A Communion Service is held once a month.  Mid-week small group Bible studies and prayer meeting are also part of the ministry.

Baptism Class:   place & time TBA
Leader:  Dennis Schnecker
This class looks at what the Bible says about following the Lord’s command to be baptized. If you are a believer and have not been baptized, this class offers you the opportunity to develop your personal testimony and to be baptized. Class materials should be picked up and reviewed prior to the class and are available at the Welcome Desk. For more information contact Dennis Schnecker, den.schnecker@gmail.com, 552.1287.