ELECTIVES (Spring 2020)

Below you will find a list of all the Adult Education classes for Spring 2020. All classes will start on January 1st unless otherwise noted. For example, the College Class starts this Sunday while ICF and Genesis have already started (it is not too late to join). Please note the room numbers for each class. If you have any questions please contact jhighfield@bcf-church.org or stop by the Welcome Table Sunday morning.

*The adult class that normally meets in the Fellowship Hall during the first hour will NOT be meeting tomorrow.

Parent’s, children will remain in their summer classes this week. Move-up Sunday for children’s class is September 1st. 

First Hour Adult Classes – 9:45 am

Engaging Our Culture
Starts on January 5th

Will meet during the first service, 9:45am, in room 202 – How do we engage with the culture in which we live? How do we respond to those who hold to different views than we do as Christians? This class is designed to help us learn how to compassionately respond in love to others as we hold firm to the foundation of the word of God. While many topics could be covered this class will focus on current issues related to gender, sexuality, marriage, and singleness.  Led by Jeff Highfield, jhighfield@bcf-church.org, and others.

The Power of God to Salvation – A Study of the Book of Romans           
Room 202
Teachers: Mike Buehrer, Mark Broomell, Jeff Graff

This one-semester study will examine the greatest and most influential letter ever written, the Letter of the Apostle Paul to the Romans.  We will examine the letter both holistically as well as chapter by chapter to understand the message of Jesus Christ – the Gospel. We will study the letter it in its original context as well the context of 21st century America.  Further, we will seek to understand both the power of God displayed in the gospel of Jesus, as well as the power of Romans to continue to draw people to Jesus’ gospel.

College Class  (begins Aug. 25)       
Room 223
Teachers: Everetts, Davises & Sullivans

If you are in college, come join us as we wrestle through Daniel and Acts this Fall. Whether you have been a student of the Bible for years or you have never heard of the Bible, join us for honest discussions about Christianity and how to apply the Bible to daily living.  Free coffee and donuts provided!

Women’s Study                     
Room 142
Teachers: Ruth Derrick, Teresa Ko, Ali Wieboldt 

Join women college-age and up as we study the Book of Acts during first hour in Room 142. The summer sermon series has taught us about the Holy Spirit, now let’s see Him in action in the early church. Come with a heart to hear God’s voice from the words He has preserved for us in the scripture and the experiences of those who have gone before. We count on the Holy Spirit to open the Word to our understanding, and we welcome all women to join us.

Spanish Bible Study
Room 200
Leader: Alan Fabrycky

Bible study conducted in Spanish.

International Christian Fellowship (ICF)
Room 160
Jay Lester, Steve Wilkins
(This study begins August 18) 

Our study this fall is called “Lessons from the Hall of Faith.” In  this Bible study, we consider the exemplary lives of various people in the Bible, particularly those who are listed in the “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11. These people were commended for their faith (Hebrews 11:2), and their stories offer valuable lessons to us today. ICF is suitable for both believers and seekers/inquirers, and involves a combination of lecture, big group discussion, and small group discussion around the tables, including an easier English table.

Second Hour Adult Classes – 11:15 am

Pre-Marriage Class
Starts meeting January 26th at 11am

This 12-13 week course is designed for engaged couples or couples who are seriously dating. It is open to BCF attendees and dating friends. There is a small fee for the materials. To register for the class or for more information, please contact Linda Schnecker at lin.schnecker@gmail.com or 540.250.2882. Facilitators Schneckers, Hairfields, and others.

Genesis Overview  (begins August 18)
Room 201
Teachers: Dean Bork, Chris Faith & others

Personal meaning comes by connecting our little story with a bigger, richer, more lasting story. Genesis gives us that story, the context for our lives, and unfolds the beginning of God’s great story for life and redemption. So many of life’s complexities are clarified by this book of beginnings. Please join us as we walk through the beginning of God’s story: the book of Genesis.

Walking in the Truth
Room 202
Teachers: Sandy Young & Tom Koontz

Theology is biblical teaching about how to know God and how to live for him. It is clear thinking about what God has revealed to us in his Word, so that we might love him wholeheartedly.  We will study the Scriptural support for key doctrines, looking at our statement of faith along with some confessions from church history. Our goal will be to show that “walking in the truth” (2 John 4) means we are to believe and live it out in our heart, words, deeds, and relationships.

Visitor’s Welcome — Offered the first Sunday of each month
LeaderOne of our elders   
Room 102

A welcome and introduction to Blacksburg Christian Fellowship – our beliefs, our vision, and our ministries. Informal Q&A format.

Blacksburg Chinese Church
Leaders: Caisy Ho, Peter Lo, & Johnny Yu   

This is a Worship & Preaching Service in Chinese.  A Communion Service is held once a month. Mid-week small group Bible studies and prayer meeting are also part of the ministry.

Baptism Class:   place & time TBA
Leader:  Dennis Schnecker

This class looks at what the Bible says about following the Lord’s command to be baptized. If you are a believer and have not been baptized, this class offers you the opportunity to develop your personal testimony and to be baptized. Class materials should be picked up and reviewed prior to the class and are available at the Welcome Desk. For more information contact Dennis Schnecker, den.schnecker@gmail.com, 552.1287.