Genesis is “the beginning”, or the book of origins. We see many “firsts” in this book: the first creatures, the first humans, the first marriage, the first sin, the first murder, the first promises of God, etc. Genesis is one of the five books of Moses, which are also called the Pentateuch.

This week’s readings, Genesis 1 to 24, will cover creation, the fall, the first proclamation of the gospel (Gen 3:15), the promise to Abraham of blessing to come for all the families on earth (12:1-3), the example of Abraham’s faith (15:6), and the testing of Abraham’s faith (22:1ff).

As we begin let’s remember that Genesis is one part of a cosmic drama, which theologians call “the history of redemption”. Many themes in Genesis (the first book of the Bible) come to completion in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Genesis and Revelation are bookends to this great Story. At the center of this Story is the coming of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The Old Testament books look ahead and prepare us for this, and the New Testament books explain and proclaim this. Below is a diagram that illustrates how the Bible centers around Jesus Christ and his work of redemption for us.

Happy reading! Feel free to post your thoughts on the discussion page of the BCF reading group.

— Sandy