“There is a natural thirst common to everyone who seeks goodness and happiness (4:6), but there is also a spiritual thirst produced within them when by the Holy Spirit they taste God’s goodness and desire to be fully satisfied with Him (36:8–9; 1 Peter 2:2–3). True believers can only be satisfied by the presence, grace, and comfort of God. Experiencing God’s presence should be like a desperate thirst that must be quenched. If depressed, we need to preach to ourselves, even to argue with ourselves, to hope in the Lord and keep seeking Him.

“In times of spiritual exhaustion, to what lengths are you willing to go to find your satisfaction in the Lord?

“Christ experienced horrible physical thirst on the cross (John 19:28), but far worse was His thirst for the departed presence of God (Matt. 27:46). He suffered the deprivation of good that is the doom of sinners (Isa. 65:13; Luke 16:24). Taking the curse for us, He won for us the blessing. As a result, Christ can now satisfy the deepest thirsts of mankind through the Holy Spirit (John 4:14; 7:37–39; Rev. 21:6; 22:17).

“The question is, do you thirst for God? How do you know?”

~Taken from the Family Worship Bible Guide, by Michael Barret, Joel Beeke, and others (Reformation Heritage Books, 2017)