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Job and the incomprehensible God

Behold, God is great, and we know him not; the number of his years is unsearchable. ... The Almighty--we cannot find him; he is great in power; justice and abundant righteousness he will not violate. (~Elihu, Job 36:26; 37:23 ESV) Job's friends were right in some of the truths they spoke, but wrong in their [...]

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Zeal for his house

First Chronicles celebrates King David's courage, strength, and ability to bring God's people together as a nation. He was a great warrior.  But perhaps a stronger emphasis in this book is upon David as great worshiper. First, the warrior.  David's "mighty men" (chapters 11 and 12 especially) provide examples of individual courage and skill, [...]

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Huppim and Shuppim

Who were Huppim and Shuppim? (1 Chronicles 7:12, 15) Parents, please note: these would be perfect names for your twins! Not much is known about Hup and Shup (I'm thinking that was their nicknames) except that they were sons of Ir, and descendants of Benjamin, one of the twelve sons of Jacob (aka Israel). [...]

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Reading 2 Kings 16-17

A new altar for Ahaz, the problem with people, and what it is that God wants. The fall of Samaria (722/21 BC). Chapter 17 of 2 Kings is a pause in the recounting of the history of Israel, and an evaluation, at the occasion of the destruction of the city of Samaria by Shalmaneser IV, [...]

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Reading 2 Kings

The book of 2 Kings is the continuation of the history of the divided nations of Israel and Judah.  Here we are introduced to the ministry of the prophet Elisha, who follows Elijah (2 Kings 2).  Elisha has a remarkable ministry, with twice as many miracles as God worked through Elijah (2:9).  Interestingly, miracles [...]

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Judges, Ruth, and Samuel

After Joshua dies, the book of Judges takes up the narrative of the nation of Israel now in the promised land. We see a sad cycle stated in Judges 2:11-19 [shown in the figure below] and repeated throughout the book. The people fall away and embrace the idolatry and the practices of the surrounding people-groups; [...]

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reading Joshua: eyes on the road

Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to [...]

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notes on Deuteronomy 1 to 4

Yay! If you're on the BCF Bible Reading Challenge schedule, you've completed four books of the Old Testament. Deuteronomy is the fifth book of Moses -- also called the Pentateuch, or "the five scrolls". In Judaism this is also called the Torah, or "teaching".  Deuteronomy means "the second [giving of] the Law". This is the [...]

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Numbers 20 to 31

Moses Strikes the Rock 1865 Sir Edward Poynter 1836-1919 Striking the rock. (Numbers 20.) Two strikes and Moses was out! What happened here? Moses, the humble servant of Yahweh, was disqualified from entering the promised land. Why is that? There are two important things to note: 1) God specifically told Moses how he [...]

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hearing the echoes

Hearing the echoes.  Each year I read the Bible at a slower pace, but then about every third year I read through the entire Bible at a faster pace.  (I often use an audio version, which helps me hear the Word while I drive or take walks.)  The change of pace is good, but there [...]

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